Following instruments can be directly used in our lab. Please contact us for any details on parameters and availability.
Further equipment for the sample preparation preliminary to the crystal growth and for analysis, owned by the IFW Dresden, can be used via our lab in the same way. The complete list of available instruments will be updated soon.

Crystal Growth Systems

  • HKZ - High Pressure High Temperature Optical Floating Zone Furnace

  • LKZ - High Pressure High Temperature Laser Floating Zone Furnace*


  • A-HSO - Advanced High Pressure Oxygen Furnace (vertical setup)


  • HSO - High Pressure Ixygen Annealing Furnace (horizontal setup)*

  • LBM - 4- Zone Bridgman Furnace (vertical setup)

picture coming soon


  • HBS - 4- Zone High Pressure Bridgman Furnace System (vertical setup)*

  • HTM - 3- Zone Tube furnace (horizontal setup)

picture coming soon


  • KTS - Levitation Melting Facility for metallic rod casting


  • PTM - Phase Transition Microscope


  • GDM - Glass drilling- and reaming machine


*coming soon


For the sample preparation you can use:

  • Planetary ball mills
  • Levitating melt rod casting facility
  • Cold isostatic press, hot press
  • Muffle furnaces, forging furnaces
  • High temperature microscope
  • Wire saw, ultrasonic cutter
  • Grinding and polishing machines
  • Focussed Ion Beam (Ga2+ ions)


The following list shows an extract of the available analysis methods:

  • X-ray powder diffraction and single crystal XRD
  • Electron and Ion Microscopy (SEM and TEM, with EDX, WDX and EBSD)
  • NMR (magnetic fields up to 16 Tesla, temperatures from 1.5 to 500 K, and pressures up to 3 GPa)
  • Electron spin (paramagnetic) resonance spectrometry (ESR/EPR)
  • Optical spectroscopy (UV-vis-NIR, FT-IR, Raman, luminescence)
  • Chemical element analysis (ICP-OES, ICP-MS, AAS, Titrimetry, UV/VIS Spectrophotometry)
  • Non-metal analysis (C, O, N, S with Carrier gas hot extraction)
  • Thermal analysis (DSC, DTA, TG-MS)
  • PPMS: measurement of heat capacity, thermal conductivity, magnetization, dielectric constant and resistivity
  • Cryostats and magnetometers