Service overview

  • Technical support during experiments
  • Training on the equipment before use
  • Pre-and post processing
  • Sample preparation
  • Test experiments
  • Literature search
  • Remote experiments* possible for HKZ, LKZ, ASO, LBS
  • Contract work by Dresdren Materials Lab staff


* What are remote experiments?

The remote experiments option is a service to run an experiment at a furnace in Dresden Materials Lab via Teamviewer from your office/home. Therefore the Lab staff prepare the equipment to start the experiment and establish a remote connection to your computer. The experiment can be done completely just by remote control.

The benefits are:

  • Saving travel time and costs
  • Shipping the samples after the experiment directly to your office
  • Using samples you provided to us or instruct us to prepare samples for you experiment
  • All rights on the experiment results reserved by you, without the obligatory to name Dresden Material supporting scientists in the publications
  • Pre-and post processing handle by Dresden Materials Staff member